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wot_rants's Journal

WoT the Hell is With That?
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Got a rant pertaining to Wheel of Time? Post it here, whether it's about your favorite or least favorite character, in favor of WoT or against it. All points are arguable - don't get mad if someone contradicts you. Debate is the soul of discussion.


1. If you feel attacked, say something. Also, don't personally attack people. Attack their opinions if you must, but not them. (i.e. no, "_______ is so stupid and wrong, I can't believe you would say that.")

2. Just...be reasonably nice. Don't bash people just for the sake of bashing. At least not to their faces. Go rant in privacy, if you have to bitch about something.

3. Wheel of Time spam is okay. Not anything else. Recommendations pertaining somewhat to fantasy are fine, but try not to get too far off topic...

4. If you have a long article/fic to rant about, link it so you don't take up much space. Or at least put it behind a cut, for all our sanity's sakes.

5. Warn about spoilers/place all potential spoilers behind a cut. This should be obvious, but...

6. Warn about BAD swearing (this doesn't include crap, hell, damn, all those) I hope you're mature enough to handle that, kay? Kay.

7. Sporkage is fine - but don't attack the author directly. Attack the fic all you desire - hey, it's fun - but be reasonably nice to the author. They might have issues.

Just something to remember. Otherwise, spork away!

Let the ranting begin!
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